Paul Brakke, the son of Eastern European immigrant parents, was born and raised in New York City.

He went to college and graduate school in biology in and around Philadelphia, and subsequently worked in scientific research in Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville and Galveston, where he spent 22 years, the bulk of his scientific career and became a professor. He now lives in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

He was a largely successful scientist with many publications when his life was turned upside down when his wife was falsely accused of aggravated assault for trying to run a kid over with her car. Two kids and some neighbors lied because they wanted the Brakkes out of the neighborhood. Stealth neighborhood prosecutors and a biased judge stuck it to them. Eventually, they were forced to move as part of a plea agreement with the prosecutor.

Paul has told his wife’s story in AMERICAN JUSTICE?, along with a damning but constructive critique of the criminal justice system.