New Book Offers Suggested Antidotes to Growing Crime Problem

According to recent stats, crime went up last year in most states in most categories, including homicides, robberies, car thefts, hate crimes against Muslims, and assaults against police officers. The news has featured the growing number of mass murders around America – some due to revenge, others due to severe mental illness or the acts of terrorists.

Overcoming the Police-Citizen Divide

Almost every day, the media features another case of a citizen being killed by the police, and some cases this coverage results in a storm of protests, since community members think the person has been singled out unjustly. It’s different when the police kill someone...
An Example of a Successful Prison Program

An Example of a Successful Prison Program

Since writing AMERICAN JUSTICE?, inspired by my wife’s nightmarish experience with a punitive criminal justice system and a possible 16-year prison sentence, if she didn’t accept a plea for us to move and pay some legal costs, I have been looking at new developments in the prisons.